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Reigniting a Culture of Data Privacy in a Modern Day Organisation

Common Challenges faced by Data Protection Officers

The Process of Completing a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Data Protection Gap Analysis (DPGA) – What am I missing?

PrivacyEngine and filerskeepers partner to provide customers with instant access to retention information across hundreds of countries worldwide!

The New Standard Contractual Clauses – What does it mean for your organisation?

GDPR 3rd Anniversary 2021 - PrivacyEngine Review

HSE’s IT System suffers significant cyber attack

What is data retention and why is it important?

US Data Privacy - Preparing for increased regulation

The COVID-19 Vaccination: What are the Data Protection considerations?

Virginia's Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA):   All you need to know

Publication of the Data Protection Commission’s Annual Report for 2020

Data Privacy by Design: Balancing Data Protection and Technology Innovation

PrivacyEngine and NINJIO Partner to Provide its internationally recognised cybersecurity training solutions for Data Privacy Professionals

Do I need a Data Protection Officer (DPO) for GDPR compliance, and is it Possible to outsource the role?

PrivacyEngine and Inspire! Join Forces to Provide Platform-based Data Privacy Officer as a Service Offering in the US Market

Who in your organisation needs training to comply with GDPR?

PrivacyEngine and OnlineDPO Partner to Provide Internationally Recognised Training and Certification for Data Privacy Professionals

2020: A year that changed everything

Data Protection & Privacy Management Leader Sytorus becomes PrivacyEngine.

Google fined €100m by France’s Data Protection Supervisory Authority

How to design a Risk Register to Identify and Mitigate Data Protection Risks in Four easy Steps

European Data Protection Board: Latest Publications

The Data Protection implications of Brexit

Data Protection & Privacy Management Leader Sytorus Expands With New Team in Northern Ireland

How ISO27001 helps you protect your information and fulfil GDPR cyber security obligations

Cyber Security Awareness: The legislation and Regulation

Device Security: Ensuring your devices are free from Cyber Threats

Information Security: Protecting your information from Cyber Threats

Internet Acceptable Use: Ensuring your organisation's Cyber Security

Malware, a growing threat to your organisation's Cyber Security

Cyber Security Awareness: More Important than Ever in 2020

The Data Protection Commission Cookie Sweep: Webinar Key Points

The Data Protection Commission Cookie Sweep: How should this look?

The Data Protection Commission Cookie Sweep: The law in Practice

The Data Protection Commission Cookie Sweep: Preparing Your Recipe

Blackbaud data breach: All you need to know

PrivacyEngine announces a new partnership with BDO Ireland

Illness at Work: Covid-19 and the GDPR

Schrems II and its implications

Back at Work: Covid-19 and the GDPR

Preparations for Returning to Work (RTW): Covid-19 and the GDPR

From ‘Privacy is Dead’ to ‘Privacy is Paramount’

'Return to Work' Considerations: Covid-19 and the GDPR

GDPR 2nd Anniversary  - ‘much done, more to be done….’

“Cometh the virus, cometh the App…” - Contact Tracing and the GDPR

Compliance in the Time of Pandemic

Brexit and Standard Contractual Clauses

GDPR Year in Review

The Latest on Brexit: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

The PICNIC Problem & how HR should deal with it

GDPR Update – November 2019

Hugh Jones on Newstalk

The Implications of a 'No Deal' Brexit by the end of October

GDPR one year in - 10 enduring myths about your Data Privacy responsibilities debunked

Do I Need to Hire a Data Protection Officer to be GDPR Compliant?

The implications of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit by end-March

Share with Care (and avoid a confidentiality breach)

Lawful Basis – It’s Not All About Consent

Data Protection Budget Time!

Are privacy programs running out of steam?

Sytorus Shortlisted for the 2018 Export Industry Awards

Fair Processing & Privacy Notices. The Why, When, How & What of Enforcement

Kernel Capital invests €1.7m in Sytorus

Privacy over Profit or Profit over Privacy

Destination GDPR - how did we arrive here?

Questions you need to ask your DPO

Digital Marketing and the GDPR: Target Internet Podcast

Got Data? Panic and Run - What does the GDPR mean for HR?

Data breaches in the financial sector – what constitutes a breach and when do you need to report it?

Quick guide: How do you notify the Supervisory Authority (SA) of a breach?

The penny is dropping in the financial sector, but more needs to be done to ensure GDPR compliance

Healthcare sector requires a full ‘data medical’ to ensure GDPR compliance

Sytorus forms Strategic Partnership with leading Business Change & Project Management Consultancy, Casseo

GDPR Checklist - An Overview of the Steps Towards Compliance

How will the GDPR impact sports clubs?

What does the GDPR mean for retailers?

Safeguard the goodwill of donors through GDPR compliance

Buying Custom Audiences on Social Media: data protection considerations

Can data processors benefit from the GDPR?

Clinical Trials and the GDPR: 10 Steps, Part 2

Clinical Trials and the GDPR: 10 Steps, Part 1

The clock is ticking towards the GDPR

Ransomware – the attack of the commercial hacker

Data Protection Commissioner - Annual Report

Privacy Shield

Service Providers and compliant Data Protection

GDPR and Brexit, Hancock states the UK’s position

Donald Trump and Privacy Rights - latest update from the White House summarised

The Commercial Context of Privacy Compliance

Santa and the GDPR

E-Privacy Directive 2018 - Update

Game-changer re dynamic IP address!

Privacy Shield Doomed to Fail?

Privacy Shield agreement to be reached this week

Two Prosecutions by the Data Protection Commissioner in Two Weeks

New developments in the Schrems v Facebook Case

ODPC refers Facebook data sharing arrangements to the European Court of Justice

EU-US “Privacy Shield” for data transfers: MEPs call for further improvements to be implemented

Does your organisation need a Data Protection Officer?

Preparing for the Individual Health Identifier (IHI)

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation is set to be finalised this week

The Panama Papers: The right to freedom of information vs the right to information privacy

The iPhone Privacy Dilemma

Update on Privacy Shield

Article 29 Working Party Work Programme 2016 - 2018

DP Risk and Company Acquisition

Europe & US agree ‘Privacy Shield’ Data Transfer Deal to Replace Safe Harbor Agreement

Privacy Shield - Safe Harbor Mark II

International Data Protection Day - 28th January

Safe Harbor Negotiations Update

Administrative Penalties incurring fines of up to €20m or 4% of GAT

Adiministrative penalties up to €10m under the GDPR

The GDPR from the perspective of the Data Controller

The wording of the General Data Protection Regulation has finally been agreed

The Definitive Summary of the General Data Protection Regulation

Dutch Mandate Data Breach Notifications and Larger Fines

Data Subject Rights

Current status of Data Transfers to the US

Detail of the new DP Regulation

Report: Need for greater employee training in Data Protection standards

The top 5 affects of the new General Data Protection Regulation

New Directive on Cybersecurity

Bringing your work home with you? What could possibly go wrong..?

The Weltimmo Case

EU and US close to data transfer deal

Guidelines for responding to a Subject Access Request

GDPR- Are the proposed fines too high?

Proposed changes to the law regarding certain processing of sensitive personal data

Facebook in the wars again

Announcing the Data Protection Capability Maturity Framework

UK Unveils Draft Investigatory Powers Bill

What's next for Safe Harbor

Agreement on GDPR draws near

German Data Protection Authorities Suspend BCRs and Question Model Contracts

Introducing the Judicial Redress Act

Conclusion at the High Court of Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner

Safe harbor's demise means data laws are all at sea

The PICNIC Problem

New European Data Protection Directive

Data Protection and Social Media

The proposed function of the Data Protection Officer

The adequacy criteria.

Safe Harbour- Political and Regulatory Impacts

The Death of Safe Harbour

Will every company have to do Privacy Impact Assessments?

Data Destruction Pitfalls

The Concept and Purpose of Big Data

Another week another data breach

Good data protection practices increases sales by 8%

The End of Safe Harbor?

Why PrivacyEngine Matters

Suggested clauses for the Data Processor contract

Substantial Fine For Data Controller

Hacking in the headlines and relevant Irish Law

Are CEO’s responsible if there is a breach?

Service Providers Beware! New liabilities are around the corner.

Murphy’s Law in the Internet of Things

Concerns over websites and apps aimed at children

IVI Autumn Summit 2015 and DP-CheckPoint

Free Data Protection training videos - now available.

The Evolution of Data Protection Law

Data Breaches- A Living Nightmare

New Danish Regulations regarding Personnel Data - a lesson for us all

Profiling & Data Protection

Exchanging information with a company that is not a data processor?

Russia’s New Data Localisation Law

The Importance of Data Processor Contracts

Data Round-up

Is Spotify asking for too much?

Ashley Madison- Privacy Breach or Adultery Disclosure?

The EU GDPR and Irish companies

Council of Ministers to Decide on Liability for Cloud Providers

Audi CEO snubs Google partnership on DP concerns

The General Data Protection Regulation- Timelines

Lawful Processing Conditions (Personal Data) - Irish Act

Lawful Processing Conditions (Sensitive Personal Data) - Irish Act

Are firms illegally vetting job applicants?

Cyber Insurance

Revenue & Data Controllers

DPC to conduct review of apps and websites targeting children

Buttarelli: No compromise on data protection reform

Information Commissioner's Office report on data breach surge

European Commission calls for cloud data protection law

Civil Rights on Privacy

Executive Order 13694

Twitter & Dublin

Microsoft on Trustworthy Computing

Social Networking

French Data Protection Authority Publishes its 2014 Annual Report

Data Protection and Medical Data


A ‘Starter Kit’ for compliant data management